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deavoured to show them the folly of such a proceeding.

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weeks. So far as we can learn, some ;iO cases oci-urred last week in the

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the vessels. In the intravascular areas were immense

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regarded, not as having relapsed, but as never havingbeen com-

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which is stated to have been manufactured under the personal

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culture, Dr. Martin>, as were also 2 control animals. Ou November :';jrd

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Maclore, Herbert William, B. A. Camb., M.B., L. R.C. P. Lond.. appointed

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from 83 sanitary districts, of which 36 had 5 cases each and

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fact of having delivered over to another even for a single

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with 1 death. In South Shields several cases occurred in December

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still to further and consolidate the progress of human know-

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attain the knowledge of the whole art" — (1659), by

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A proposed international cholera conference is the subject

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days later (June liitiii theie a pcrici d'Hlinh lu the-thjrd-tpft =n».-\^.

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Lecturar on Physiology in the University o{ Cambiiiige,

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could be multiplied, and seem to indicate that the microbial

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these hospitals, which had increased from 112 to 2U' in the preceding

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54 mins. thorax opened, heart perfectly still, not irritable;

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had within tlie past month and the treatment adopted I have

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appeared to be secreted by the host cell, that the parasite, by

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on the removal of the patient to the fever hospital. These

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either as secret remedies or without due precautions, consti-

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iiianagfiment of the borough hospital in reference to the small-pox ques-

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Demonstrator of Physiology in the Medical Department of

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