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toxemia. The organisms washed free of toxin are harmless. The

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7. Thyroid disease — Myxcedema, cachexia, cretinism, '" £ c ,,

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little oil, are poured upon the tightly stretched skin over the intestine. In the course

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Mercer, M. D., many thoughts are put forth which are of the

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and the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise

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ism usually seen in pairs with the adjacent sides flattened. In

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not be able to do any more regular work. Since he has already

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mix. This serves for all except extremely jaundiced

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Solution of the acetate or citrate of ammonia is recommended as a nrild

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Applied to narrower limits of concrete cases, the rule of simi-

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drop the name, — better still, if we would denounce it, — and pro-

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of the Massachusetts Homoeopathic Medical Society, of which he was afterwards the

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E is the equivalent weight of the constant boiling solu-

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sphincter, a slight crack, and, thinking it a simple thing, she used

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and shooting pain which she considered to be due to rheumatism

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the agar, and then autoclave or heat in flowing steam until the

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part of the diluted crystal violet solution with 4 parts of

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(d) Pack 1 cm of pyrogallic acid crystals on top of the

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b. Inoculated tubes may be incubated at 20° to 22° C, and

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What expedients of hygiene or of palliation have you been

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A student working in the wards soon learns that without a thorough

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venient to steady the dropper on the edge of the bottle.

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Dr. A. F. Story has removed from Lynn to 597 Dudley Street, Boston.

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The symptoms necessarily vary widely, according to the nerves affected.

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merozoites) ; male gametocytes ; and female gametocytea.

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which has no tendency to spread. A certain intensity of irritation is required

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vious that the plasma was nearer 1.029 than 1.030. Being

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symptoms become more prominent. Anaemia and bodily weakness become

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the disease, preferably during the first week. Obtain

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serum. During the process of immunisation it is found that immediately after

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course of such cases, either as the result of subsequent acute

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drunkards is not born an inebriate. But nobody believes it

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is one which contains per liter 1 gram-equivalent of the reacting

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error in calculation of hematocrits from gravities is

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the solution after development of its color need not be protected

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that few physicians have had the opportunity of observing its course.

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If we examine a woman at about the sixth week, we find in-

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add either water or sodium thiosulfate in calculated

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2. Renal disease — Uraemia, eclampsia . . . . \ stances normally