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after the word was given Dr. Devillers ran his sword into

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sick and injured persons in ordinary cars called, he thought, for

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M.D., Boston, and Richard 8. EustU, M.D., Boston 125

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would be to have a bit of " Paradise and the Peri" declaimed

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sentative of Surgery at the partial Conjoint Board. As v;e

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man of cultivated scientific tastes as a book of reference and

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cerebral embolism was found. Johannersen says it is the result of the

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percent of those patients were eventually discharged from

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most advantageous in cases such as the preceding, where a comparatively firm

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four women and as rnany children ; a moderately late one will

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hemoglobin, 91 per cent. Discharged and ordered to return after

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If the views expressed in the Presidential Address this year be

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caught in the water meter of a hospital. This is probably a type of

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nesSt tympanites, and diarrhea; (o) vasomotor paresis.

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magnitude, and the fatal termination was not to be wondered at.

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tion of injections and the inunction-cure, to adhere to theintemdei

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The more carefully we weigh the results of castration,

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RUSH S. HUIDEKOPER, M.D., Y.S,., Professor of Veterinary Anatomy and Pathol-

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abdominal wall in minute detail was not properly done. The

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quantity ; while scurvy occurs most frequently among

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trauma appears to be the exciting factor, and it is quite conceivable that

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from his forehead. When the dose of iodide was reduced the stain

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Kiernan, Walter H, A.B., Trinity McGill, '98 Sandy Hook.

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A, when Established : B, C, D, Annual Premiums to Insure £,\ca on death, with Profits,

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1854 {Reg. v. Berryman), it was proved by medical evidence, that the

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accuracy. Dr. Sequin also goes into the question of surface ther-

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The general causes of arrhythmia are psychic or emotional, organic

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if it is used at or near the menopause, the two causts

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in each eye should be conveyed to both occipital lobes of the brain.

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' ... in the neck, if you do layer by layer dissection, in the living, you get something that looks like a scrotum. Well, I had to say something descriptive. You get

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The removal of fragments after gun-shot injuries to the

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