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going along with true arthritic affections, which go by the name of
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seen that when the percentage of sugar in the blood is normal, neither
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former gratifying proportion of successful cases continues to
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importance of these details is shown by the frequency with which colds
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for some time in an insanitary house, contracted typhoid
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be sent to the various metropolitan sanitary authorities warn-
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and the breath upon the mask still further interferes with
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day and Friday, July l.lth and 14th. Notice of intention to appear must
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spread over India, the British Government has to a great
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overfeeding. The indication then is to remove the offending materials
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day must be sadly deficient in brain povjer, yet nearly evei-y man who
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to the Valence hospital 20 francs for selling drugs for the
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should be as much as possible excluded or diminished in quantity.
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of defense of the body against the infections. Nowhere is thi^ so well
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into the peritoneum, or with their consequent perils, the preceding
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the acute cases above mentioned. But, as we might expect, we have
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ebriates who originally have voluntarily submitted to seclu-
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hot or cold according to taste, in the morning, half an hour before ris-
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tion characterised by a special set of morbid phenomena. He
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tended this concert wearing a dress of a light woollen fabric.
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In a paragraph with this head, published on May 27th, we stated that Dr.
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the bronchi is scanty and viscid, the cougK is short, hacking, and husky
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when it loosens the bowels, and prescribe from i to 2 drams of pare-
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nary edema, and death usually occurs from asthenia.
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Latter-pay sanitary enthusiasm has, to use a phrase adapted
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Sir, — It was with much pleasure that I read the letter in
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Treatment. — ^The treatment in such cases is similar to that of in-
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Pathological Society, he should send a series of his most de-
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Dr. B. asks to be referred to any small book or article on "Snull," its