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flammation, the corpus callosum, septum lucidum, fornix,
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and cervical wounds, as compared with that which takes place through
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Hie post-mortem appearances, and the order of the symptoms,
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properties of the flesh of various animals are also dis-
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after the conviction of an offender for felony, petition unani-
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has a warm, biting taste, and a rather unpleasant smell when
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hour until the vomit becomes bilious, to be followed by hot
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The talks on anomalous cases and their diagnosis, par-
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The appearance of the disease in certain portions of the
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quality of care, and reviewing the qualifications, credentials, and / or competence of
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continue puny, look well to its nourishment; and, even
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deep gloss with a delicate bluish tint which is generally admired. In
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populated districts. I determined also to adopt the carbolic acid
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happy to say, meets with a becoming liberality on the part of the
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while tympanites, diarrhoea, bronchitic cough, etc., make it known.
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of the situations your receptionist should be able to handle.
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are enormous, but the hypertrophy chiefly affects the fingers, which, instead
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some force acting in opposition to that which tends to push down
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the English observations shov^ a logarithmic rate of disappearance of
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constantly throwing himself about, requiring three men to hold him
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Gentr- Iclbtt fur .:&kteriologi e, Aot. 1. vox.
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evidence tending to show that the presence of (Eatrua ovis was in
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by the above-mentioned injury w^hich it had received while in the
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or of the bowels, and those which are believed to possess the property
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want of quantity, for some actually died under the operation.
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by me. Since that date, such prescriptions have daily become more
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hysteria. The difficulties are often very great, and the etiological data
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Drainage, with Subsequent Conception. By Dr. Robert A.
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.?lst March, 1012. — Von Pirquet's test applied at two points on
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sudden. She passed mucus, but no blood. A tumor could
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lip. The vault of the nasopharynx was years in the treatment of rheumatism,
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ing be very marked, the resulting intrathoracic pressure will elevate
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' System of Medicine.' Formerly he thought that secondary symptoms Avere
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the committee reported that the disease was so far re-
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especially in conjunction with cod-liver oil and a liberal
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Sexual excesses are much more frequently the immediate cause of neuras-
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