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laced up closely to the limb, and which will hold the fragments in

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patient, nor by the period of time of the respiratory movement. Fourth,

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abdomen, and tenderness on firm pressure ; yet moderate pressure sometimes

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2 Coinil and Ranvier describe a senile (? physiological) condition of lung called slaly induration, of

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instrument and the member wrapped with cloths saturated with a

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peritoneum, and agglutinate its opposing surfaces more or less firmly to each

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ply the want of voluntary power to expectorate, and it dislodges the accu-

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or bacterial action. An acute abscess is generally the result of the

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Ironcliitis, angina pectoris, Tiydrothorax, pulmonary oedema and congestion

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Fracture of the laryngeal Cartilages occurs because of direct vio-

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the astragalus is driven behind the lower extremity of the tibia. The

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Hoarseness or complete aphonia is produced by the structural changes, and

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are oval (1-350 to 1-1000 inch), have a very thin shell, but regarding their

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and nostrils and on the face. Involvement of the periosteum and con-

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have their origins from above the joint, and their insertion is frequently

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and partial or complete paralysis of the laryngeal muscles cause dyspnoea

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degeneration of the heart is the result of raal-uutri- heut fibres, a. x 400.

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arterial calibre, and thus shut out irritating blood from the organs, does

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cumstances if the fellow kidney is healthy it becomes increased in size and

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Enlarged veins and glands (axilla, neck, etc.) accompany cancer ; they are

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trophy, the area of dulness will extend horizontally and slightly upward,