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death from hteraorrhage or peritonitis may be of real serv-
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ducing disease cannot act thus except under favorable conditions of
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State, the annual average temperature is 63 , the mean daily range of
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more shaking after it is in the ice-box. It is only too
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Howell of Fennimore suggested that I accompany him to see his patients in the Lancaster
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reach 10 per cent. The hydrogen ion concentration shows variations
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to the methods employed by your "stylislj, attractive and
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when the disease is advanced, the sexual functions and
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ing the spring, summer, and autumn months. — Sanitary
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2. Many patients with gall-stones do not belong at Carlsbad, but at a
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■with .special reference to students in schools. "West. M.J. ,
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insensibly from the acute to the subacute stage, and end in chronic nephritis.
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ments, mere figments of the author's mind, presented with all
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soreness in the muscles of the extremities. Creeping chills are felt
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lumbar puncture, he asked whether it had given the ordinary blood test.
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lupus, but proved inferior to other methods of treatment, but
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losing flesh a month before she suspected that she was pregnant. Her
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chronic ailments. If the confiding and unsuspecting
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sufficiently to occlude it, and finally to complete
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College for 1830, the late Dr. Beatty states, that he used the
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the balloon. In addition the ureteral catheter is much
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quantity of thick, greenish, fetid pus. The bladder was free from stone.
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podophyllin pills, according with the age of the patient. If it
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while exacerbations of the disease render it more and more purulent.
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operation he used a one-per-cent. solution of eserine. Before
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came on her she was about 5i feet high, and well shaped. . .,
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Colorado Medicine /or October 15 - November 1, 1986
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ment for the Asiatic Cholera. By Dr. F. Wilson of Mau-
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participated. We feel that in educating ourselves we m «
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The Prunus virginiana, or American wild cherry, whether
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and frightful visitation of the disease in the Si th Eegimer.t
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case of psoriasis palmarum (with one-half drachm acid to the ounce of
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Dr. Nicholas Osorio, of Bogota, first described this disease in 1876
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eliminating anti-trust regulations. Close attention
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Proving Ground, Indian Head, Md., and ordered to the Naval
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that rarely are these inquests so made as to supply the evidence
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Soc, 1891-2, xvii, 99-108. Aho: Edinb. M. J., 1891-2,