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by Guarnieri, called by him Cytoryctes variolce seu vaccince, have been
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Historical. — Erysipelas was known from remote antiquity. Fairly accu-
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Historical. — Opinions differ concerning the first account of influenza. An
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and is more intense early in the disease than later, although it may be trans-
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a translation for Lady Shaftesbury of Pierre Nicole's
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accomplish anything in limiting the spread of scarlet fever isolation must be
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It will be seen that from three to six years the incidence Aras extremely
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ing the ureters and thus eliminate from consideration the
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tention. They are locomotor ataxia, ataxic paraplegia, and
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it is my earnest hope that we may be able to formulate some
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(Esophageal feeding may be recjuired in certain cases. Nasal feeding should
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agar to which 10 per cent, of blood is added, is of value.
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writers have reported instances of very short duration, while as long as four-
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the blood, but later investigations were contradictory. Raynaud (1877)
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ing a body which, in many instances, conforms so closely to
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follows: chronic interstitial nephritis 145 (52.7 per cent.), chronic paren-
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the spleen and parenchymatous changes in certain other organs. There is
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convalescents may be strongly bactericidal, while the agglutinating power is
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laborers, soldiers, sailors, bakers, smiths, washerwomen,
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ing. Until a few years ago aerial infection was regarded universally as
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is from toxaemia, and to be prepared to deal properly with the complications.
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recesses and folds, and the l}Tnphatic tissues of the nasopharyngeal mucous