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3, pi. iii, 'Med.-Chir. Trans.,' vol. liv, and fig. 2. pi. xii, 'Path. Trans.,'

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Walsh said that the diagnosis of pericarditis is not

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Dr. J. McP. Scott, of Hagerstown, said that correc-

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dissolved, the blood corpuscles completely broken down. Dr. Hammond's

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un cas de fldvre typhoide. Rev. ni6d. do Toulouse, 1885,

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AsAPROL. — Stackler ' describes asaprol, a calcium

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in the region of the heart which comes on after exer-

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innominate artery" (James). Seven cases have been recorded in the literaturf--

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West Indies, Java, Sumatra and other islands of the Eastern

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" A third sample consisted of the Arabian lentil and barley-flour,

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Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV): Relationship of Sexual Practices

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heat, I drop water on the outer side, so as to keep

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where digitalis or strophauthus fails, this tabloid may well come in

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