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has been proved in two ways ; first, by the fact that at the time of birth, when
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the first moment of this singular discovery, at any moment since, at the present
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mechanical irritation, establish the existence of inherent muscular contractility, independent
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Excessive use or abuse was the cause of this condi-
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vent disaster. Theoretically the organism which has been called upon
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pp. 675-690, Nov. 14, and No. 24-25, pp. 755-770, Nov. 26, Jena, 1907.
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the experience of every practical man, and to the writings of every au-
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the operator througliout a long career of hospital practice." Every one will
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of worth. With lupus patients, usually very young women dealing with
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lucrative practice. Students are admitted to partial
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this way certain diseases, such as smallpox and scarlatina, may be dis-
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was prompted solely by motives of sympa- President, delivered the annual address,
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three-quarters of a pint. Two ounces -of this, cold, he gave to a
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Fever's patches, and enlargement of the spleen, with sometimes
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symptoms, attended with abundant sour-smelling perspirations, manifest
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this article, are divisible, with relation to their
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the accident, married, and had six cbildren, amassed a little fortune by his
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but it is not at all suitable for laying directly upon the wound, as
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pathology, their distribution, or upon their etiology ; but no satisfactory scheme
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Y'our letter of August Uth received. I am surprised and grieved,
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Competitive Examinations. — Above all things let my im-
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and at all times, not to hasten to submit to our readers the reasons adduced
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or more, repeated every two, three, or four hours, according to the severity
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North Carolina can maintain a medical school as well as any other
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and 1.85 infections per person seems to be a fair estimate
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which to a considerable degree conduce to success in surgical
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and request the use of the Assembly Chamber to-morrow afternoon,
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situation. Each surgeon must vary it to suit his needs. In many
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person of robust constitution, the bowels ought to be briskly moved. Tea
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Dr. J. W. Coleman reported his experience in a severe epidemic of
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ness of the visage, oppression of stomach, etc. Ipecacuanha is prefer-
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right kidney, to the transverse colon, and to the stomach. By these
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(W. H.) The result of operations for deformity of tlio
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than in the strong ; and moreover that the disease is more fatal." t
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effects, but was actually on the increase. There was no subject
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confined in these observations to their open, known, or primary
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that deceased had died from drowning. The absence of water from the
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plastic resection and the operations mentioned, for the puri>ose of
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nervous and emotional states known as hysteria, nervousness,
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the weights and pulleys, until the straight position has been obtained, taking
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fibrinous deposit, containing numerous round cells, but no