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tion, and some beta-hemolytic forms may produce alpha-hemolytic


The statistics compiled at Prague showed but two per cent of the

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cardiogram. The changes took the form of ™denmg —01^

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is the anatomic basis in the organic cases? Osler^ in 1911 said:

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2 Journal of American Medical Association, 57,1193 (1911).

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of salt; the supernatant after cooling has a specific

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interlacing hyphae (0.5 to 0.8/a in diameter) surrounded

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lent, and is said then to require close supervision ; maternal

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of eighteen months' standing within a week, and the case re-

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(A) Mechanical dilatation {after tracheotomy) by means of tin

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way to consciousness, and she was able to recognize her friends. Her convalescence

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as Picque emphasized in 1910, a collection of pus underneath

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although it usually plays the role of a true parasite.

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pressure in the pulmonary circulation with engorgement of the

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tile nervous disorders caused by irritation of dentition, in various

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sterile Petri dish and use for preparing films or cultures as desired.

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men's ward of the hospital, July 5, 1882. This pale and delicate

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that we have few reliable provings of remedies applied externally.

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4 ml of distilled water. To the receiver for the blank and

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Syn., Famine Fever ; Spirillum Fever (Fr., Fievre a rechute ; Typhus

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which was laid upon the table at the last session, was considered.

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neutralized by CI. perfringens antitoxin, but these

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continued by bacterial infection long after the termination of the

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even by those to whom at other times it may be distasteful. Much

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vomiting, but the marked sore throat of the latter disease is wanting.

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an hour or two of great commotion and rumbling in the abdomen,

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is used. Standardize the solution, as described below,

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of basic fuchsin (calculated on basis of actual dye content), 1.5

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6. The blackflies (Simuliidae) include one group of medical

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He was kept on constant small doses of digitahs leaf and

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cases. One, from Lowell, in a man of sixty, too far progressed

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The fragility of the red cells is not definitely abnormal.

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