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tion to its greatest usefulness of the one piece of personal property with
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one partial nephrectomy, no death ; twenty-four nephrotomies, two deaths ;
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typhoid patients ; the milk of a wetnurse sick with typhoid fever, and
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the neurologist, before it shall in any degree have received the attention
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D'lagnosu. Acute parenchymatous nephritis, with embolic abscesses ;
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the dark, and to which physicians rarely attach any
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and the peritoneum. Two of the lower ribs had to be excised, and
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siderable pain and trouble. Barker cut down upon it and found fibrous
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case is strong evidence against the theory of Kolisch that the kidneys are the
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five or six days the prognosis is better. The gland then softens, and we
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tion. An analysis of such cases reveals, to a start-
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had been struck on the left eye by a small rock very lightly
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from each source having presumably met and amalgamated the appen-
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been habitually utilized by application to the skin.
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influence upon the production of habit-chorea. In 106 cases the incip-
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however, reached in the experiments of Hildebrandt and of Xotkin,
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clinics is unnecessary, and possibly prolongs the fever. He also finds that in
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appearance of fat characteristic of these cases. In
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dyspeptic symptoms have lessened, and she has borne more than usual
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ciation, and the Charity Organization Society, and it
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scribins;' routine measures, without regard to mod-
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to its magic. The truth is, also, that only the clini-
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acute appendicitis. The abdominal incisions in all cases united by
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one side at one month, and on the opposite side the following month. The
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the warm weather will receive proper care and treatment.
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Medical Department of the University of Kansas, his sub-
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operation. Cystoscopic examination showed a consider-
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The left ureter appeared normal, and the escape from it of clear liquid
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diseases, undoubtedly contagious, were included un-
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weak in som.e ways — too easily influenced." She then
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years ago, followed by lesions on skin and mucous mem-
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cured case of gonorrhoea is like a stick of dynamite,
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an getiological basis. Posterior cervical glands may
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attention to incorrect details ; yet for reference accuracy is of the highest
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pers will be properly arranged and classified, after which
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Of the inevitable erroi-s of a first edition, we notice the usual number,
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