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examined frequently. In every case in which suppuration

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acid, mawkish, evil-smelling material. The latter is

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introduced into the body prior to the development of chol-

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may be mentioned some of those which belong to the earlier stages of the

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des Fetes is a large, circular hall, gaudily decorated, erected

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The clinical features of the case suggested that it was one of

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Customs of Hy-Many, " by John O'Donovan, printed for the Irish Archsjo-

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After some difficulty a small probe was passed through

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cognition of disease leads to the misapplication of reme-

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tion. — In North America this parasite has been found from Pennsylvania

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had been previously arrived at by Dr. Williams of Boston, U.S., from a

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sulphur; meat contains, in concentrated form, food for the muscles

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when a limb is placed upon higher ground than its fellow, as

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Lecturers. — William O. Ayres, M. D., Nervous Dis-

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taminated glands in various stages of disease, some whitish in colour

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the inner portions of the thighs, and its apex at the knees; the second,

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The aim of eugenics is to increase the number of best specimens

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Jefferson Medical College. — Dr. Geo. McClellan and Dr. Colhoun, the

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Basing my opinion on forty-two years in private practice of neuro-psychiatry, it

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