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explanations, we are still far removed from the attainment of this aim.

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stance of this condition recorded. The main facts of this case, which

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>Keyes reports in 2,400 cases of syphilis only three of chancre

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whether these were due to true osteopsathyrosis or to some lack of devel-

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into contact with others. A sheet wrung out of for-

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sibility of examining the nervous system of the de-

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to the old procedure — still in use at the hands of some, appearing now

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3, those constituting the specific causative agent.

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Marine Hospital Service for the zceek ending August 12,

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in the strict sense, or infiltration. The fact remains that the presence of the

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whether it be employed to remove obstacles to growth or to increase the

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cers serving in the Medical Corps of tlic United States

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of the patient for whom he has come to seek the as-

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thermometer into the rectum. It is allowed to remain until the mercury

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probably, after all, the vast majority of movements

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bath tub. Sheffield, in 1896, gave the details of an

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eration are found, such as swelling and vacuolization of nuclei, hypo- and

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tain sacrifice, it was decided to remove the entire organ

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given there have been no unpleasant after-effects noted. Eucaine cannot.

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exophthalmos present. Her cough, which I noted dur-

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and relatives contested the will, but Surrogate Thomas

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fear of haemorrhage after delivery groundless, as in

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I''iG. I. — The Morton-Wiiiislunst-Holtz influence macliine.