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crosses the abdomen transversely in the neighborhood of the umbilicus.
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" Yes, a case of typhus," or typhoid, as the case may be. We can make the
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During the middle of October the smallpox district of Toledo
clomipramine hydrochloride is a medication used in the treatment of
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ship of our President, the class picture was taken without being disturbed by the Sophs. When we entered the
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fall of temperature has been observed in more than ninety per cent, of the
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2. No notice is taken of the build and shape of the animal,
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any other motive than this — such as display, wanton-
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Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, AR, 1982.
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LRH: Logan Regional Hospital, 1400 N 5th East, Logan 84321. (801)
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joined the West African Medical Service under the Colonial
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150 Purchase Street, Rye, NY 10580 (914)967-8300 ■ 1(800)290-8380
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gambiense on artificial media, but hitherto without
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in consequence, I am looking for data on this subject.
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conditions. In tho^e cases where the affection is sli<;ht or
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largest between the shoulders — that is, where the
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look to him to prevent consumption and he know now that nervousness, dizziness, in-
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per cent.) and little laetalbumin (0.53 per cent.), while woman's milk
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provided for disabled men, and under certain conditions the full
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India : Bombay. March 2(1- April 0. 1407 deaths ; Karachi, March
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rious. A shock is often given to the nervous system by
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the arts. In the manufactories of the phosphorus matches, so univer-
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^^H^eniDg of the mouth, hanging down of the jaw, and last elociog of the
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with double optic neuritis ; and, third, the most fre-
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should be had to the autogenous kind. Definite rules as to
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may renew his standing by repayment of the admission fee.
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mentioned in the public garden of Boston. But this statue
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Case 3. Left hemiplegia ivith atrophy of right optic nerve.
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Schonleinii (magnified 300 diameters linear). The wood-cutter
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vascular changes and uremia, together with the presence of some cause
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body the duct was found pervious, and of sufficient capacity to give passage to
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and as it relates to the different conditions existing in
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the site of the fracture, extension again ap- easy, with the firm hold and absolute com-
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battle-field of the Autietam, I left Washington on the 13th of October
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ileus. It may however be proper, or perhaps useful, to say, that
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tion or when stooping. No headache, but frequent pain in the
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"5. In most cases of surra in equines, a dose of 5 grains may be
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may or may not be diphtheritic. In the latter event the laryngitis was pseudo-
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return the peduncle into the abdomen, it might be well ;
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peutics advanced on parallel lines, and seemed as if they could
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Starr, M. D., Clinical Professor of the Diseases of Children
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the malarial and the malignant fevers, and in nasal diphtheria. Slight