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was found in bread made from the fiour of the OMticum Spelta, or
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officers on th3 causes, symptoms, and treatment of the more important camp
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take place in a lady; her left side became swollen and very sud-
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portion ; and that this portion ultimately exfoliated
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color on cross-section. They have a smooth surface, a firm consistence, and
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books till midnight. The law says that no boy shall have lessons ^to study
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know the names of the muscles in the limbs they have to work on, and do not
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tleton has taken high honours at the London University in
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1907 a. — Treatment of pediculosis capitis <Ibidem (2427), v. 2, July 6, p. 64.
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Thirst is a prominent symptom ; the patient craves constantly cold
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this question was under ray care in February, 1870 : — The
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hand passes gently over these apparently insensible parts, its
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The following case is deemed -u-orthy of record, as illustrative of the cha-
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is on the whole benign, but is very malignant in the tropics. The
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yet this question is one concerning which I have much
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tions with which it is associated, are frequently obvious, but in some
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port itself The cushion at the knee should be raised an inch
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it. Occasionally we find one whose constitution, even
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I had always known and whose family and personal history
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are used internally, except in the official preparations.