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every one the use for which it is intended. Physical and mental

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July 2, and was accompanied by a rise ot" temperature for

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ably not a few babies who require as much as .9 gramme per pound of

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maintained by artificial heat, originates the greater

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in which the results were good. He used only the constant cur-

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much lighter in Worcester than in some of our large cities.

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newspaper-doctors, political tricksters, and professional

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2. Is it possible for the second child, Avhich, three

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a pigeon's egg to the size of the closed hand. The weight of the tumor may

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either through an aneurism or through a degenerated

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of proper cathartics. In bilious fevers, it is frequently

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)roughly mixed with the medium. These plates and tubes were

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and safeguard the best interests of the Fellows and of the medi-

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Frerichs mentions a calculus five inches in length and four inches in

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Various histological classifications have been proposed, but none of them

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28 and a mother 26. The father died at the age of 80 from a sec-

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Case 10. With a white cell count of 19,700 on October 16,

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turned next day at 11 a. m. and found temperature 98 9-10 ; pulse 93 ;

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involves an absurdity. It is making a thing, the cause of itself.

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instances). The curve as a whole shows some correspondence with

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touch it with the finger to determine whether the sense still

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ties, increased appetite and thirst, constipation, polyuria, and various dyspep-

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nection with milk, it is not to be doubted that the

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most difficult problem facing both military and civil sanitarians

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astringents and alkalies. If the evacuations are frequent, and the chihl

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limbs are paralysed, and soon after the eye becomes insensitive,

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Hunner has reported four cases in which the two conditions were associated,

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two parts, a curved needle and its companion, a straight,

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combination with sensitized sheep red corpuscles, of which a 2-5 %

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