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Phacoemulsification is an increasingly popular method of
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Medical Society of Greater Kansas City. Dr. Daskalov
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an assurance of her concern for them. She is always ready to
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ducted through the University of Missouri Extension.
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Medical Foundation loans this year that were a lifesaver
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propagation of the injurious effects of tobacco and alcohol to the
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MISSOURI MEDICINE o December 1992 Vol. 89 No. 12 827
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ration procured. The symptoms may be so few and undeveloped
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period. Sixty of the credit hours must be earned in Category
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This seemingly delayed date in organizing can be explained by the fact that
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observed that in addition to the actions previously attributed to it
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are as yet incomplete but he brings forward the following evidence
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Staff Section to direct the programs and activities
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MO 64506 has become a member of the Buchanan County
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ence as each of us functions in our own self government.
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of interfering with digestion improves the nutrition
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Mrs. Freda Requarth Bowen 206 North Winter St. Adrian Mich
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child aged eighteen months who had whooped for eight days was first
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post exam hours when he could be counted on with more
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among the.Vmerican troops stationed at Havana. The mortality rate was
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but on the 19th it began to flow for the first time
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by the fact that the age of the Chelsea pensioners far exceeds the
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The etiology of VS lies in the fact that nearly all
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Mrs. Marie Heutcrs Bcntlev Yosemite National Park Yosemite Calif.
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attended chiefly by the students and professors and
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Serving Metropolitan Medical Society and MSMA Since 1940
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lines that state no hospital governing board can unilater
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i all doctors have been sued. 18 If 60 70 of malpractice
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lished in 1991 has become one of 26 accredited public
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a flap of skin and muscle from the latissimus dorsi the
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Obtain a current prospectus with complete information including all
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opinion of a licensed physician based on ordinary stan
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provided by a physician whose opinion or advice regard