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of scientific knowledge required for the Doctorate of the London
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provided there be reason to believe that the candidate will be able to pass
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ways easy to make correctly, if we hold strictly to the definition and pecul-
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to have been very satisfactory, but, for reasons easily understood, the method
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neurons; but even here the increased tendon reflexes point from the outset
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The* systea of (Sapturing oysters is called f harvestii:^ Driving and '
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increased amount of food without injury. In dealing with cases of obesity
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litis. In short, it is probable that we shall obtain still clearer ideas of the
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Department. They must commence their first winter session ui the
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that an abscess is not very apt to excite indirect focal symptoms hj its influ-
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ataxia also follows diseases of the corresponding peripheral nerves (m
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fi, .ew fork) ^111 dissolve In the oil and leave a solid color.
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this quantity is frequently exceeded. Of course the three or four per cent of
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years, is annually awarded to the candidate from the Hoyal Medical
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year begins on the Thursday following the last Wednesdeky in Sep-
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In two other muscular regions the motor disturbances may give rise to
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acteristic picture, so that we can often make a diagnosis with absolute cer-
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delusions may be of a religious character — the patient believes he has com-
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previously been examined for the Natural Science scholarships, yet
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each test. Candidates must exhibit their qualifications or diplomas.
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to be furnished with notices upon the Sassian Universities, and in accordance
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and-such qualities, but he has forgotten its name. The association between
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ological hyperexcitation which has occurred in youth (frequent pollutions,
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ated centers, up to but excluding the cells in the anterior cornua, there is, as
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the tendon, and more rarely of the cutaneous, reflexes (Bastian, Thorburn,
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irritation, most frequently in the form of the so-called lightning-like, " lanci-
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Wubbena, Arthur Calvin, s, a, w, Sibley, Iowa. A.B. (U. of Dubuque) '29.
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351. Advanced Work in Obstetrics and Gynecology. — Special courses in clinical,
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made up chieflv of the anterior central convolution (gyrus centralis anterior,
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Vernon Mayne Leech, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Ophthalmology.
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of Medicine, Olinical Medioine, Clinical Surgery, Midwifery, General Pathology,
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velopment and are therefore coordinate with each other. Hydromyelus
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the muscles, so that recovery follows, if at all, only after three to six months, or
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entered to courses of lectures are exempted from pajong this..
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the degree in which one or the other set of symptoms develop. It will there-
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because his statement was wrong. He feels that all his thoughts and actions
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.ne.casteurusc skTm nllk. The amount added should be about 1 percent of the amount of
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ing with a true tic, but with a symptomatic irritative condition, which has
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transitions. It will, however, be advantageous, in attempting to gain a prac-
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embolic foci are much rarer in the crura cerebri, pons, and cerebellum.
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a meal. In the excited form there is more unrest, the patient moves about
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symptoms of the disease may arise from the failure of function of the thyroid
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