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sue an acute or subacute course, though oftener it takes the form of
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head, neck, trunk, upper and lower extremities ; neuralgia of the genitals
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exposed to the infection escape. The disease usually occurs during
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Ohio, however, has described the most widespread epidemic hitherto re-
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In cases of extravasation of blood and rupture of the spleen the symp-
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runs along the cavernous sinus, and enters the orbit through the sphe-
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protruded nor can it be used to manipulate the food and make a bolus.
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Hemialhumose is formed in the urine in osteomalacia, in chronic
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least likely, in a filarial district, to have filariae in his blood is one who is
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tives (to deplete the venous system), and these should be first employed
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fined to motor nerves, and especially to those of the upper extremities.
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uniformly better, my patients have arrived at the point where they
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and then, drop by drop, add a 10 per cent, solution of cupric sul-
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colon, one would instinctively look for the greatest amount of
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standing the rarity of sclerosis of these segments. He suggests that