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vorhanden sein? Arch. f. d. ges. Physiol, 1914, 159, 224.
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With regard to the knee- and ankle-jerks, the rule, with few if any
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of quite opposite effects according to the agent employed and to a certain
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although he is unable to explain why these changes occur in some cases
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carbolized virus. This sudden death appeared due to a massive coagulation
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These three papers are so closely reasoned and contain such a large
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and would be temporarily relieved by food, and by alkalies, and would
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reaction of the fluid influenced the taking up of water by the liver-cells
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tion of methods for dealing with the symptomatology on the assumption
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the cases gave a previous history of exophthalmic goitre. The greater
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little importance unless the surgeon is considering the production of
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of the mucous membrane changed to a more pink color.
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demonstrated by making the dilutions of the cerebrospinal fluid
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of pneumococcal origin, thrombosis, embolism, softening, abscess,
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am inclined to believe him right, when readings are made with care
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periments, (which we are very far from vouching,) we are all
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of the thoracic duct. In one instance the right thoracic duct as
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Puyhaubevt. Rev. de med. de Bordeaux, 1905, xxxv, 871.
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freely for several days, but without any evident beneficial
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increased, the fall of intensity with increase in distance from the ionization
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'Janeway, Theodore C The Clitiieul SIikI.v of Hlctod-prcssnii', New York,
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blood-letting ; while that of the left arm was as constantly small
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almost absorbed. Also most of the patients are elderly people, with
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by many as a common cause. It must be borne in mind that lobular
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the country, with the exception of a very few places, it is in
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nogle hermed forbundene prdblemer. [B.] [Studies on the fibrin content in
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limb with downward movement of the foot and toes accompanies the flexor
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but we do know that it protects for the present and we may at least hope
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trophy and hyperplasia of the parenchyma of the thyroid gland to
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these experiments for capillary thrombi could not be discovered
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The close pathological relationship between the two conditions is shown
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which the course and all the circumstances did not suggest the
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such immune sera, even some hours after the infection has started.
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and of the subsequent changes; these fluids should undergo
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thus differs from other biological reactions, especially the tuberculin cuti-
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on admission 2 c.c. of serum were injected subcutaneously to
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all imiigestible foods. The pain continued, and he finally vomited a large
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ceased to emaciate, although her stomach was no better, and
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amount of bile was reduced from 49-8 c.cm. to 4-6 c.cm. in twenty-two
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undiluted old tuberculin was rubbed in with a glass rod. The further dosage
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fatty acids are dispersed. This appeared to be incorrect, but the protective
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former consist of a primary progressive affection of the vessel walls, the