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have been conducted in a genuinely scientific spirit, and have
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French idioms. He relates fifky-one cases of dystocia with
extract and glycerin, equal parts, or a suppository con-
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the '^ insane temperament/^ as seen among persons who cannot
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introduced, we come to Sir W. Fergusson's opinion on the
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tion suitably, to be given somewhat in these terms; secure provisionally the cavity
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signs of infiltration in one apex and warned the patient
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inner surface of the scalp, when it was turned back, and the exposed surface of
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of their observations. With one memorable exception — that
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under abnormal conditions, as where an excessive quantity of fat was
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were lodged under canvas. On the evemng of the same day, 11th
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which has existed with any completeness in consciousness is
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series of muscles. Should we not of necessity get other and graver
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volume of a hen's egg, upon his thigh, which caused no inconvenience,
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This affection of the liver is mostly complicated with organic disease of other
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by the clothing. And further, the skin likes the light, the
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pus or septic matter from the crypts of a tonsil which is
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or severe, and there was a vacant and painful expression of face.
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the Malpighian network, by enlargement of the interpapillary spaces,
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impairing their textures, and destroying their functions.^'
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= 13*5 = 5 inches. 5th. The short oblique diameter from the
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with the sympathetic nervons system, and aUndes to a third case of chorea in
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of tubercle bacilli — the disinfection or renovation of the
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bent at an abrupt angle downwards into the pelvis, probably
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of a fowl and truffles; he did so and was immediately seized with colic
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rating for "Naso-Pharyngeal Polypi. (Bull, de Therap., Feb. 15.
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But, being purposely left without treatment, the disease returned,
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neous passive uterine inversion. 2. Artificial passive. 8. Sponta-
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appears relieved, and the paralytic symptoms are alleviated. She can walk
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to the same process, but it was found almost impracticable to carbonize it
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Sycosis is a group of pimples or pustules pierced by
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dry watercourses^ when swollen by heayy rains^ bring down
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