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in constant requisition ;"' and to confirm this statement, he presents a list ol"

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Coincident Ttphuid and Malarial Infection. Report of a

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drugs is arrived at by determining, from an examination

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make application in writing, stating the name of the product,

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Laceration of the perinseum, commonly the effect of difficult or ill-managed

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Beyond calling Dr. Peterson's attention to the fact that the

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teen years, concluded that in like places special con-

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themselves, as occurs with their toxin, namely, that the

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to legs and abdomen ; one year later weakness In right foot, with

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which quinin is the most common determining cause of in-

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Dr. Robert H. Cowan ; "Treatment of Obesity," by Dr. Heinricb

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118. Cremation. — ^Hoffman pleads for precautions before

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gentlemen, to put you in possession of my opinion, that erysipelas is not to

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patients may be very satisfactorily relieved of the greater

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and the extent to which they may occur without becoming

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cult in the face of the feeling against this disease, to intro-

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ment; and finally that which still persists, homeopathy,

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of Medicine, etc. Containing 52 Illustrations, with 16 Charts

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done its work well and turned them back into the great busi-

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Adrian Polhemus, major and surgeon, U. 8. A., from Fort Ijeaven-

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varium, the vessels of the pia mater were observed to be uncommonly

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John H. Wade, Ashland, Ky., and Wiuiam F. Sturgill, Ceredo,

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It is an impure starch prepared after the method described in the follow-

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accepted the professorship of surgery in the medical College of Ohio, which

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could be aroused slightly, responding to questions only in

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we are especially desirous of attracting attention: —

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physicians of Springfield, resulted in the calling of Dr. A.

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less than 3 cases, and in March it was 6. Since the com-

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brothers and sisters had died of phthisis. A. P. died of tuber-

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distance at which the object is placed before the eyes ; if it be placed so

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enema, with a view to obtain both its exciting and revulsive influence, —

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ical intervention. Frequent small hemorrhages from the stom-

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were subsequently published by Valentine,^ Shurig,"* Ohme,^ Zierhold,^

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part of the body at this time having been affected. The

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wound was large or small, transverse or oblique, — whether the vein was cut