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equally incontestable ; it is reported by 3Iell (Vidal de Cassis, t. ii. 587 ;
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numbers. [They are probably the remains of the destroyed red
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imp. Charkov.Univ., 1895, 423-432.— JiippiucotI (J. A.)
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existed at all in times far off, existed in some form very
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form corresponding to the atrophic form of writers — Laennec's cirrhosis —
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case, for some time after the operation. The modified shoe of
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London hospital. In order to test this point it is found that, during the
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complication or otherwise. I have usually given those agents in about
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2. All bed-curtains and other hangings, and carpets, and all articles of
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at sea. He finds no disease and tells his patient there is nothing the
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ing from the internal condyle. Such is not the case, how-
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The intercostals consist of two lamina of muscular fibres, in-
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regulations, are required to call LifeSource when a
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The Trendelenburg Position in relation to Stone in the
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auditory canal, the head being inclined as before, and then
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In this case the whole amount of pressure did not exceed that
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in which this instrument has given favorable results,
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Hli«l in HpiMMiiiciis wliirli coiitniiUMl " foos " iimiiinciiililc, it.
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m. Eiubzbng. d. Elect.- u. Hydrotberap , Wien. 1885, iii,
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made on either side of the joint in front of the lateral ligaments,
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inner surface was very irregular, presenting numerous shreds of disorganised pulmo-
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opinions of their value, and what the chances of their
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it will appeal to the medical man who is interested in war and war
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terized directly, and any diseased portions of the mucosa can be
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all, support the patient's strength by careful but generous
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few days, and this is followed in severe cases by digestive
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neither pricking it nor applying the solid nitrate of silver causes any pain.
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hexamethylenamine series. The same is true of otitis media, which
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licensed in the state where the patient is located as well as
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down. The pylorus, as stated, was perfectly rigid and incapable
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licles. The follicles are in general much larger than in normal glands,
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clear history, as the doctor has told you, of syphilis.
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cephalagia, vomiting, psychical disturbances, convulsions, amblyopia and
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When delirium, with restlessness, wakefulness, and a frequent
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