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531. Mallory's Phosphotungstic Acid Hematoxylin (stain for
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ceivable were the patient suffering from cancer of the lung.
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of difficulty, and conserver of all involved interests.
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always accompanied by symptoms of heart failure. In most cases there is
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tired of the struggle, were willing to make peace with the enemy
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of general antibacterial and antitoxic substances is brought to its normal level ; but
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thoroughly favourable. The mortality varies greatly. Sometimes only 2
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a creation of to-day ; it is a living truth, strong with the growth
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of the joints, and particularly the smaller joints, that bear the
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larvae a re known to keop ^ouii^g clean. ^ H vittjg? in the
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subsequent subculturing on differential media. (See par. 272cf,
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larged and was absolutely irregular, at a rate of 114 per minute.
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several factors, for example, the size of the inocu-
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Much oedema of the parts underlying the membrane is in favour of scarlet
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and several interesting papers were read. He announced a meet-
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Vol. III. ol the HomoeopatJuc Times, the value of RJiatauy, exter-
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authors of a work on criminal abortion, uses language so forcible
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typhoid fever. Its absence unfortunately cannot be held to prove that
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antined and so treated that no lice can survive in clothes, bedding,,
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and almost always overlooked. Whenever you see an aged
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impossible. Here one's habits, education, skill, and reputation
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Unlike most of the serious complications of the lying-in-cham-
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forms of intoxication, such as migraine, uric acid poisoning, etc., copious diuresis
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tals. This announcement was heralded with joy by those of our
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Diarrhoea is one of the most characteristic symptoms of typhoid fever, but
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orchard grass ; 30 failed to give positive skin tests with the whole
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duce the most severe adhesions. Hence in every removable
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canus) is found in the Western Hemisphere and in the middle and
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hemolysis. Satisfactory hemolysin should give complete
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rods, disposed in irregular clusters or in parallel bundles, but never in
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Harvard University; Physician-in-Chief, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital. Boston.
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often arrest obstinate vomiting. It should be repeated every ten or
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prolonged use. The final action of digitalis is exhaustion of the
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and temperature sense were disturbed over this entire area,
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prior to bleeding. Serum should be stored in the freezing
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medical ethics characterize the practice as a crime, and regard it
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of measles, less frequently it is scariatiniform. The compound or hybrid
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sounded as though they were out-doors, or in an adjoining room,
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tested the scope of the rule of similars. Authority and too much
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As far as the metaplasia of the epithelium is concerned, under the influence
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hol, if it has been used as preservative, and the volume
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nitrogen per ml (par. 192 6 (4) ) dilute 15 ml to 100 ml
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they have ceased in most cases at or about twenty-five years of
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by gravity sedimentation, whichever is most convenient.