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Morbid Anatomy. — Interstitial (or chronic) endocarditis maybe a sequela

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reduction of the lesion will accomplish a cure. In old cases, congestion

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have matriculated at the College. Bellevue Hospital is situated on the

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subject to it. Pressure on, or traction of, the pneumogastric or recurrent

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Pachymeningitis is an inflammation of the dura mater, usually

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tion is excited, may be puzzling. As for instance, a lady

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Syndactylism, or Web Finger, is a congenital condition and is re-

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ular infiltration of the entire membrane. In its milder form only

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On section, if the degeneration is advanced, the liver cuts hard, and

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predisposed to, or have already developed small aneui'isjns. In fact, the

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ol that period, if no complication occur, the patient is well. The fine

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and very tough. Muco-pus and viscid mucus are formed in large quanti-

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Ilypcrfeniia of the lungs is a condition in wiiich tlicre is an excess of blood

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ammonio-magnesian phosphate, or urate of ammonia and the mixed urates

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nature of which is obscure, but which resembles in its action narcotic

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der and back. The burrowing of the abscess towards the surface is

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only symptom, in many cases, being a sudden and fatal peritonitis. When

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typhoid symptoms, and the occurrence of complications.

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monic ; extensive pleuritic tliickenings and adliesions are present in most

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On percussion there will be more or less dullness over the infra-clavicular

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peral sfate does not seem to increase the predisposition to pneumonia; but

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the outline of the hepatic cells is lost, and nothing but a mass of granules

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and that the tenderness along the line of the intestines, especially in the

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about l-JO per minute, rises to 140 or 150, and finally becomes imperceptible

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at once accompanied by constitutional symptoms, and soon followed by the

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returns to its normal size, although, apparently, it is considerably

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of the chancre, followed by trie proper healing of the wound, will in

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cases, the weight of the bedclothes cannot be borne. The pain causes the

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and opium reduce the temperature, and if they fail, ice-cloths to the abdomen will accomplish the desired

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greater, whereas in rural districts it likely is much smaller.

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health should then be corrected. If there are any local or spinal lesions,

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the ends of the bones rubbing together, they become hard and polished