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ments on all subjects pertaining to the interests of

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cine. She had a long walk yesterday without bringing on pain.

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ammation is made and the result again marked down. We are thus

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Legal difficulties may arise from unauthorized use of names initials or

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cartilage of the right ear greatly hypertrophied and in some parts

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muscular pain in tetanus probably depends on compression of the

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As during previous years this table embraces the reports received from troops within

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Art. 54. On the Inefficiency and Bangers of Cauterization

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the arteries also seem darker than normal. The disc is hyper

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ing from other forms of fever were derived. Of the cases admitted

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the command of General McClellan the Department of Virginia being extended to

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Precautions Verapamil should be given cautiously to patients with impaired hepatic function in

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ethicist the desire of practicing physicians to expand

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ers. A great many such abnormal cases are prevented

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intend their reception and transportation by railroad to City Point.

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bloody tumours on the cartilage of the ear are unknown though we

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structure. Spleen small. Kidneys normal in size and weight much con

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cysticerci in the tissues of the animal and especially in its muscular

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in cases of insurmountable stricture of the oesopha

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trate of silver one drachm to one ounce of distilled

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worst cases and on the other hand death occasionally results

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adherent at that time than after the process of ossification had been

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describing the condition of detained testicles the author stated that

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hernia though not reduced was found soft and flaccid. A very

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sequelaB are engrafted upon each other and present themselves

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others are loose within the articulation. It has shown that these

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greater or less degree of congestion of the cerebel

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steadily gaining in strength and as the progress so

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cently and in which I have investigated the question not one was a

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but only complaints of pain or uneasiness confined to the pelvic region if

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Series Modern Keratorefractive Surgery A Safe Compre

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With a self assurance usually reserved for those who

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MM. Fischer and Bricheteau believe that the morbid intoxication

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but there are nevertheless certain leading principles which should

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worker camp counselor and extern at Peninsula General. Stead

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