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it along the lines which may be expected to be deficient, and act

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in the Worcester Infirmary on December 31st from injuries sustained in a

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patients are, it is said, never treated by a qualified

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As to the routine use of alcohol there does not seem any reason why it

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after the operation, and finally died of marasmus. The most remarkable

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states that the blood of one patient showed a " considerable excess

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to two cases in which a whistling or snapping sound accompanied inspira-

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after that, a splint permitting restricted motion only may need to

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French physiological and pathological research healthful it

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ters. It also incorporates elements of the Sach Plakat, or "object poster," a

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does produce some irritation within the rectum, but not more so

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feel some trepidation when I contemplate the task I

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will be this condition of mucous and more or less gangrene, that is the

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and Dr. B. was enabled to perfonn the radiwil cure of hernia

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This right and duty requires, however, a profound sense

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In our practice, after we have allayed the intense inflammatory

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whatever that the youth of the patient has a great deal to do with

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Ward, K. l>eC. Acclimatization of the white man in the tropics,

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blooded women, and such react favourably. The system of

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ques Donnees Nouvelles a propos des Trait^s m^dicaux Sanscrits

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tendency to masturbation. Sometimes there is no pru-

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First in order is the worker in the physiological labora-

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lopment of the right ovary in birds shows that we must not even here lay too much stress on

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which consists of a great variety of cereals, vegetables,

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the proof is not yet complete, and needs further investigation, as regards

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were introduced into the fistula, so as to bring away a slough in

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the Senegalese in fatal cases., keeping the groups in mind.

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ease in the young, would not be suited to the aged — cer-

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The essential feature of the disease is a round cell infiltration in

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grounds. I am told on responsible authority that even the