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tion, etc. ) of these parts has led to the formation of a fistula. Such

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The ideal method of treating these maladies, an ideal which may

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out-door life Avill be found far more efficacious and agreeable.

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protoplasm, a non-vesicular nucleus or nuclei, generally eccentrically placed,

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yet intact, great benefit is sometimes obtained from cold affusions

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Dr. Ord" states that of a series of thirty-eight patients under his

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the result of the action of lactic acid on it. The redness which

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These are severe pain, nausea, vomiting, flatulence, and sometimes

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now excretes much smaller quantities of sugar under the same diet, and

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whose inflammation constitutes the special lesion of the disease.

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are generally more acid than those of better quality. I found acidity

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The frequent association of arteriosclerosis with obesity, espe-