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movement of the knee and ankle joints of the same limb

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project in every variety of form and constitute the nodosities which

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dently when full and complete information is available

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through a sideport corneal incision. Ophthalmic Surgery 992 23 62

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met with in cases of nervous pain and neuralgia. But be the reason

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weakening the force of Mr. Wood s evidence for echoing the

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The great value of a variety of local applications in the treatment

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the insane is of importance in a medico legal point of view. Some

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imperfectly fulfilled and that the public defences against small pox

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removed to Corinth Mississippi aud Jackson Tennessee.

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Amount of Professional Liability Insurance now carried

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He will continue teaching and medical practice at the

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the organized system of strikes the effects of which had only been

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Goldberg received his medical degree at Case Western

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asserted that in every case in which this treatment

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has no interest other than medicine. A bridge pro and patron

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life with but little assistance from morbid anatomy the author pro

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frequently than elsewhere in the Caribbean Sea off Brazil New

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between both of these a short period is perceptible the sound being


Cokingtin Dianna L Dunn Charles W Ensley Nancy J Fahmer Mari A

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Education 9103 E. 39th St. Kansas City MO 64133 816 276

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of the world is placed under the same conditions and it offers a

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symptoms were extreme anxiety headache vomiting and shiverings. In the

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cacuanha are not contra indicated because if the disease be allowed

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Art. 115. Treatment of Gunshot and Penetrating Wounds

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A synopsis abstract of no more than 75 words should accompany the

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administration. I refer to its influence on the uterine contractions

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knee of this side was in front of and slightly above

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Mary O Toole Iowa State Universitv Hospital Iowa City Iowa

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over decision making especially decisions that relate to

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Although there have been discouraging times for all of us it

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May and a leisurely journey may be made towards the north so

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fortnight. Hereupon Sir Fred. Thesiger the cross examining

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of laige blister like vesicles and gangrenous spots. At the same time

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vision test and photograph of the eye. A prescription for

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measure of the principal disease but before concluding this to be

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tent Missourians to appoint a health care surrogate em

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command also Captain Cremony s company 2d Cavalry California Volunteers.

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of students to these in the ordinary course of clinical instruction.

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sufficiently to admit of the ligature and chain of the

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oxygen as the process of oxydation is most active and most required

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the chronic persistent coughs and three different causes

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With regard to the probability of sexual excesses having anything

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treatment December 31 1863 you will report on appended slips of paper.

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General Summary of the Sickness and Mortality of Colored Troops during the War.

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resulted hrom disease there is a possibility of rectifying it but if it

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same time I am bound to confess that this treatment will come

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thods and principles if the older institutions can

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coordinate with key colors from the art work. The staff has

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feeling was bad it made her violent and caused her to scream. She

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will be less chance of developing HLA antibodies which

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easily when the disease is detected early. Family friends

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of life I steadily pressed the use of the drug until its poisonous

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Kansas City. Dr. Kinney received her medical degree at

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for final reconstruction. Depending on location the tem

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pursue my goal of developing a more interactive publica

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Shepard Edmond Souchon John M. Watkins Thomas Jeffer

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scribed an affection which seems to be similar to if not identical

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of the hand being placed upon it. On the contrary the most

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