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and help provide quality medical care is in fact restrict

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recto vaginal fistula and then operated on the fistula in the bladder first

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action on peripheral blood vessels resembles that of reserpine though it is

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better chance at designing a new class of drugs to stop

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abready there satisfactorily made. Dr. Balfour certainly foresaw that

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the pelvis and form a tumour capable of being detected by palpation

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impartial consideration at the hands of the profes

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became familiar with the diets prescribed for specific

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miles from Ingersoll set. 65 was the patient of Dr.

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I do think that its judicious and persistent use will

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premise that rather large doses of the drugs are necessary mas

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the disease on a former occasion. Its occurrence in one pregnancy

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of the Monongahela and the Susquehanna created June 9 1863 by General Orders

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face over which the placental bruit was heard gave a suspicion of two

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of the distinguished author. The principal symptoms of an attack

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progressive weakness and fatigue. A thyroid scan showed

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ordinary size afforded a somewhat stronger trace of the metal than

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with such facility that it is generally preferred not

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come to Baltimore for his medical education. Taking three years

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surrendered his army at Appomattox Court house on Sunday April 9th.

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develop the writing at the risk of being found out

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there was complete stoppage of secretions the headache became

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too more or less loaded with moisture that often meets the invalid

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which will not stick when it is necessary to change

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retention had eventuated in her then present complaint. I then recom

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of Florida including Fort Jefferson Tortugas and Key West. Key West and Tortugas

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a symposium in Lund Sweden and at the Seventh Inter

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little Mort into a crib at Sinai Hospital. He cried and breathed

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trate of silver one drachm to one ounce of distilled

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compromise the results and therefore expanders must be

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early use of captopril reduces risk of recurring heart

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western Connecticut where Lyme disease is rare. Obvi

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in it of a considerable quantity of carbonate of ammonia a product

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an injury of the right knee. A year previous she had

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provinces caused the poor population of London to be condensed by

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reducing transfusion exposure from 10.9 to below 5 dur

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substance of the testicle remains sound. The author gives a case in

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Kansas City MO 64131 has become a member of the Metro

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Hospital and to the National Hospital for the Paralysed

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have satisfied myself that in some seasons of the year the quantity

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OB GYN AND ACADEMICS Positions in large metropolitan cities

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case of hysteritis has lately come under our notice

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