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the present discussion regarding hospitals. The information derived

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septic had been applied to the throat shortly before obtaining the

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No one should be regarded as a carrier and subjected to quarantine

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The contents of this physiological brochure scarcely warrant its aspiring

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heart failure, but the introduction of auscultation led the whole

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bismuth is that where the ulcers have firm, hard walls, while the floor

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how long this noble strife has lasted, we are absolutely driven to

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syphilis. We think it is sufficiently established that occa-

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workshop on communications. All elements of Colorado Medical Society and the CMS

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affectivity (if it so proves) by the galvanometric apparatus of

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tion from the ist of July in the thirty-third year of

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tricle as to the other. The pulmonary artery would not admit a

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will add about 900 members from the county societies to

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very interesting and significant contributions to the literature of

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vague condition called sprain of the back ; it being understood that the

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the latter was never greater than the measure of the require-

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facts deduced in regard to the germ theory of disease, I yielded, and I

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own homes in districts comparatively free from mosquitoes

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risk of endometrial cancer after tamoxifen treatment of breast cancer

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of that gentleman as to whether the partition walls in Queen

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halothane, enflurane, and isoflurane — have many desir-

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— 0.87° C, — a strikingly different relation from that ftyiflting

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question^ and has been well expressed in the axiom that "A man is

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animals, or w^hen injected, caused death, led Gaffky and Paak to consider

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given to us and to them for increasing our learning in the domain of science

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instances of hajmorrhagic phthisis, and 130 of chronic con.sump-

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dead child in a cab on her way to hospital. Her condition was

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Passaic.— F. S. Weller, W. Rogers, L. Burr, and R. Whitely.

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dorsal vertebrae from the first to the fourth, filled all

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tubercle bacillus, when isolated and cultivated for many

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By another appropriation by Congress, provision has been made for obtaining,

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George S. Biker, of St. Luke's Hospital. Mr. Henry C.

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that the skin was severely lacerated, and the upper

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physiologic function. In addition, it induces a kind of respira-

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For most of us the Christmas season is a time of joy and gladness. It is the season

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glucose, jellies, fruit juices, ices, and other substances to imitate the

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fonnd among grass in rich open pastures, and never on or about stumps or in

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country, and Dr. Prior has seldom met with it, but it is distinguished