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Oct. 15th 1861. Again became an out patient of University College

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of the situation and how much they are ready to change.

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causal relationship is uncertain angina pectoris atrioventricular dissociation chest pain claudi

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extension to the urinary organs is either limited to the bladder or

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KA. Effects of long term verapamil therapy on serum lipids and other metabolic

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We wish Dr. Douglass the happy retirement he has so

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from ticks we have collected and the DNA was 97 98

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nurses. In 1901 the student cap was designed by Miss Katherine Taylor a

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ocal application of atropine and poultices so that I was unable to

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which death occurred from tetanus. I see another which was fatal

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for Category I credit for the AMA Physician s Recognition Award.

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deterioration of the physician patient relationship to a

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with the rash and had a mild attack of the disease