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the final treatment of the two is practically the same,

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strength has been attained so that it is equal to the nor-

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The same is true of incipient insanity ; and it is evident that attempts to

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Cole (P. C.) A case of fever with intercurrent pleuro-

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Borischpolski,-' adopting the view that sciatica is due to disturbance

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tion that the growth extended for some distance into the left cavity of the chest,

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Gare Regulatrice and the French Railway Commission and was a railway

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As w'e might expect from this now well-established fact, pneu-

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principal symp'.om, each of which seemed to analyze

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a boiled leg of mutton so prepared elicited universal approba-

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years ; careless drinkers, fifty-nine years ; free drinkers,

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heated to 55° C. for 54 minutes one part) were inoculated' at

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upon the subject have been in the habit of considering varicocele as an aflfec-

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thrives. It is better, when possible, to continue nursing through

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affection. In such a case I have seen a diseased appendix removed with

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All papers received will be submitted to a committee,

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aspects, (2) the practical application of the present quarantine law.

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— puberty — snaps it, and should the brain be the organ affected the

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of blood, excessive discharges of any kind, extreme poverty and

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constantly and regularly as indicated by Van Cott. As

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three to five days it becomes No. 2, which is more acidulous than sweet, and so

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great as the whole. His excellent sense wipes away the

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basis for this suggestion. The statement commonly made that it is inocu-

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the fingers, though auscultation revealed no bruit.

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11. — Weight losses. Small cheeses, cured at 60° F 32

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dase mononuclears, but the great majority are nonoxydase mono-

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that these lesions have been discovered coincident with vis-

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tities. Owing to the judicious advice of her physi-

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of a very serious nature. The inguinal canal in this case, instead of