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water or saline. Soap residue is irritating to the skin and
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Articles are accepted for publication on condition that they are contributed
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May 13th. Urine of specific gravity 1031 quantity under five pints
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sity of Michigan Medical School Ann Arbor MI in 1978.
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Phipps Clinic. The group looks back on a fine year
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Report of the medical officer of the Privy Council the fifth.. 309
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Louis University School of Medicine at 522 6410 ext. 6509.
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struction at the Central London Ophthalmic Hospital. Mr. Walton
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veloped affection of the lymphatic glands is characteristic of syphilis
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of lying day after day in linen soaked with acid perspiration and
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The Privy Council during 1862 took special means to satisfy
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Cameron Donald Chisholm The Memorial Hospital Wilming
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achieve blood pressure control. A lower initial starting dosage