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The use of disinfectants or germicides in typhoid fever
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than medicated gargles and astringents should not be
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companied by a wheezing sound and a sense of constriction
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The average period during which his cases were isolated was only
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Ayres S. C. Serous cyst of iris following discission
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and posterior half of the septum are the most sensitive
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Bacillus coli communis. Three guinea pigs received intraperitoneal injec
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exertion and yielding but little to a restricted regimen.
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that its area of dulness is much increased and hypertrophy may be obscured
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eral lobes or to the sublobular tissue. The strong cap
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there were two deaths which took place in my own district
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pleurisy followed by pericarditis. It also avoids the
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that having been engaged in the practice of anaesthesia for twenty
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A Traumatic Lesion is one in which the articulating surfaces
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him except prussic acid one ounce to a pint of water. Sometimes
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sensible remarks are made about the way in which a physician shotUd
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the symptoms would be aggravated instead of relieved
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Vicarious menstruation is a condition closely allied to amenorrhoea.
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The Student Health Service of the University in co operation with the University
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erysipelas Jaccoud pneumonia and malaria may cause endocarditis