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in each case, a statement of the C(mdition of the pa-

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It is particularly worthy of note that 41-1 per cent, of the total

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because it had so frequently been stated to be a cause of strokes. There was

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Royal Army Medical Corps (19th July): To be temporary


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hospital, however, from appearance, history, temperature,

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was absent from home at the time ; but I understand that when

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by capillary attraction. The two ends of the tube are then closed by simply

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factor under the conditions already discussed. Atmospheric conditions,

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the ehloroform, attended the operation ; for the patient was so

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sensory, or both motor and sensory. The paralysis is limited

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Brazil wood, logwood, and sulphate of iron, tincture of dragon's

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Pathology. This disease of the blood will probably be

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It has not always been so, nor could it be so, as long as or

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afforded to some of the guinea-pigs by the injection.

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causing slight or no symptoms. Larger quantities, however, may

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tient was cured of her pelvic trouble, and to that ex-

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stage predominates ; subsequently fibrine prevails ; ultimately,

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plete withdrawal of the drug. There were also very many

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do not, so far as at present known, proceed from an affection of any

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Gould, in his year book for '98, mikes this statement : " A majority of mod-

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sation Act . . . distributed to more than 50,000 con-

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of the tumor, the presence or absence of pressure upon the trachea, oesopha-

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Third Period. — This is a period of loss of flesh ;

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tion to some clinical features of the cases reported,

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But don't blame Doc— he's got all sorts o' cur'ous notions, as

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Pressly, J. M., Belmont; N. C. Med. Coll., 1915 1915 1920

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Durinj; the courtinjj jieriod a <;oodhve kiss sometimes takes as long as an hour,

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psychology, were quite convinced that hypnotism rep-

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sense of persistent tension or traction in the affected muscles, or of cramps ;

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Lond., 1886-7, viii, 105-112. — Oppenhciiiier (H. S.)

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a right to expect them. That these lesions have nevertheless been found where

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it fast. Dupuytren extracted from a nymphomaniac a poma-

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interfered with, and this fact constitutes perhaps a part of the phe-

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