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everted mucosa should be curetted away for the following reasons :



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We recently witnessed an operation for this affection by Dr. J.


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serpina3n astrocytes

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yet, at the expiration of two or three days, a reasonable allowance


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the chest, as given by Dr. Paine? Vide § 201, d, Institutes,


not tried. In Dr. Post's case, No. 4, the reduction was finally


but as this Order is restricted by modern Entomology, one im-

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sides of the teeth. Some of the attachments of the tumor had

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as that by Dr. Mutter. Necrosis. Still, as although the thigh

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but the failures were due to undue softness of the parts, from bad

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ralgic pain, as in the patient already alluded to, but also in the

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the studies of many physicians. — [Revue Med, Uhirurg. from Monit.

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rior columns, those columns which were believed to be sensi-


he did have a '^ measley " eruption, or the " camp itch,'' but who

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On motion of Dr. Whi taker, of Tennessee, Dr. JH. Ronalds was

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urethra, allowed a larger blunt instrument to pass ; the uterine

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face of the inner condyle, a depression, exactly corresponding to the body

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The Lancet says, while recording the melancholy event, that, "like all