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are present and it is very beneficial in the sleepless

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Dr. West is that the operation is most successful when the disease

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doses of quinine are given and should this combination of treat

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they furnish some clue to the pathology of puerperal chorea as well

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in children which are attributed to other causes are traceable both

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circulation it powerfully affects the whole system. If applied to

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dent at a considerable distance I cannot exactly speak of this gen

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that her appetite is now excellent. Four pills only have been taken.

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from an ongoing study the Efforts to Reduce the Spread

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The MonetaMed service gives you a total retirement plan

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profession. All members should have equal status on the

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vation. While they will be found correct in a large majority of

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digitalis in the treatment of insanity and the physiological action of

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care audits defending the use of laboratory animals for

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could be detected either with the eye or the finger

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A dofif vomiting blood should therefore be attentively watched.

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I have the honor to be very respectfully your obedient servant

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Breast Conservation Therapy The St. Luke s Hospital


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The Faculty of the School of Nursing are proud to place

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in the South Pacific and back to Loyola at which time he forsook

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discharged by a patient suffering from tubercle of the gen i to urinary

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While the program does not shorten the coursework it

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operation or su ervision. and offered any criticisms or suggestions which.she

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learning is the fear of humiliation. As educators we have

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Johns Hopkins University before joining the ranks at the Uni

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Institute of Radiology 510 South Kingshighway St. Louis MO

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Elizabeth Pumphrey San Francisco Hospital San Francisco Calif.

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On the twentieth of October 1920 we sailed from New ork on the

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over. I saw him about three years ago labouring under irritable

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through its cavity pushed a small sized trocar into

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I hare record but so imperfect in various ways that I could not

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the lingering convalescence which I have observed under other

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M. Fleury surgeon of the Hotel Dieu at Clermont in this paper

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School of Medicine Baltimore MD and Children s Mercy

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County Medical Society. Dr. Sheth received his medical

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all classes of society spiritualism has found adepts and victims and

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affected with syphilis in some of its forms. If such

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mass was in the vicinity of her thyroid and she began

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by the ulcerative process leaving a sore frequently

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and elimination in tuberculosis we add the constituent of food

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residency at Methodist Medical Center Dallas TX. Dr.

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disease during the four subsequent months were not further

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instructions were given as secured comprehensive accounts of the operations of the Medical

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peas. This softened material when removed left little cysts or sacs in the

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also that the woman had suffered from chorea when fourteen years old the

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full time faculty member of that fledgling institution.

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five war years as a carrier pilot in the Pacific following that with