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abdominal wall, the tumor, if present, will soon be
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(as analogous to the graafian vesicle of mammals) becomes pendent ; and
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danger. An instance of sudden death under the operation has recently
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61 The Equivalent Refractive Index of the Lens In Accommoda-
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102 Hemorrhoids: Etiology, Pathology and Treatment. Charles
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right eye was directed to the middle point of this line, the image of the
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taken outside the city walls, along the roadside. It is
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the most prominent part of the tumour in the illipsis. Upon cutting through
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Treatment. — Since the 25th of June has taken tinct. iodini gtt. x. ter die,
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known fact that turpentine is an antidote to phosphorus. Ac-
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as not to be sufficiently considered in our management of labour. Will the
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acid is not readily oxidized in the body. Wesley Mills,*'
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In doing the clamp and cautery operation, the hemorrhoids are
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My objection to some of. the conclusions specified iji
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Howard R. Weirick, M.D., to Miss Dorothy Herrick Comp-
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act. The defendant demurred to this complaint. The circuit
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the skin is present, the deeper structures are still sensi-
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no pain was felt either in deglutition, respiration, or upon external pressure ;
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and, in 1853, at Memphis, Tenn. — the fomites which
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In the first volume the subject of mineral waters and their