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rarely lead to any impairment of the health ; and are usually

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camps of the 1st, 11th and 16th Mussaclinsetts regiments, wliich

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the bones occur (and this change will be indicated by haemorr-

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tiie walls of the tube. It is also known that the red blood corpuscles, from

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ature or at autopsies which would lead me to believe in the

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of manganese, when undergoing solution in hydrochloric acid, evolves

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Society of Apothecaries, and who would bo liable to penalties.

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Garbage Cremation. — According to the Inveniive Age

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The Vichy water, which contains a large quantity of carbonate

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This is one of the series of small, but important, monographs

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should be cut, its ligation is a matter of no difficulty.

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rarely ensue, and then in cases of mercurial encephalopathy of a grave t^'pe

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of a wool-carder, Shakespeare of a butcher, Luther of a

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to the anterior horn cells : Sir "William Gowers infers that the nerve-cells

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what has been found as a rule. Indeed, the variations in

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been described, and about five per cent, had occurred in

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charge from the sixth day to about the fifteenth ; much pain and sleeplessness.

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York and Washington 2 each, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Boston,

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ent date. According to the history, which was exceed-

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The general health will need attention, poor digestion is assisted by

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that year. It is possible that some cases which actually originated

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ind does not contain bacilli. On the 8th the temper-

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permanent anesthesia for all forms of sensation upon the affected side persists,

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strictures. The thread keeps the bougie from going wrong.

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arrived at any ether conclusion ; for a pleurisy did certainly exist, as

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are more highly diagnostic than others — e. g., htemoptysis is

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wounds from uniting immediately as they tend to do,

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by a sadden and profoimd impression on the mucous surface of the ali-

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Army. — The question of prophylaxis is one of importance, especially

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deliberate choice. To such women the term " unfortunate " may be

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means venerable, Dr. Reeve, will favor us with one of his ever-

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adults, Duchenne turned his attention to a similar condition in infancy.

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and goes to church on Sunday ; or in accepting, in opposition to his

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the most frequent affection. The treatment of any of these condi-

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December 21st. I saw the child at 4 P. M., December 23d. There was

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deed, the testator's mind was influenced by it. Strong evidence is often de-

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clear whey-coloured fluid. This vesicular stage lasts about four