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reorganizing its own internal structure. Greater integra-

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of his wife ; though he admitted freely there was no reason for it,

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sulted, and to be consulted it must be found. In these days of cosmopolitan

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■"■ 111 two or three eases of spinal irritation I have noticed that placing the

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there is generally an excess of water discharged from

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head and arms. One of the most important points in treatment is to

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malarial fever. The local inflammation frequently appears in those who are laboring

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hours the temperature rose from 97° F. to 106° F. ; the attacks succeeded one another

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*„' Dr. Maund points out a most important element in the healthy

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had two convulsions in the nisjht, and one very violent in

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mother. At the time she was confined she was suffering

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Gradenigo, Professor of Ophthalmic Surgery in the University of

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powder 3 dr., syrup to form a ball; once every 12 hours. —

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ostitis of the lower jaw, a distinction is not always to be

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dition. A decision can only be arrived at by watchirg

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split out of the amino acids. Dr. Kendall discussed

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The Stw England Medical GazeUt for Jonuarjr haa the following

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the infant, and all meaning a vasomotor ataxia, or a

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necessary to promote the desiccation of the part, the former may not exhaust it.

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still one for very grave discussion, but that in cases such as

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It would seem that city doctors have less responsibility than those

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same way. By one observation, therefore, afterwards proved

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information imparted served as a deterent to many a

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hospital because the mother believed that her child might

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isolated. In the first (a boy), where the variations of the frequency of the heart

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In this section attention is attracted to the illustrations of bacteria,

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what may be translated as a "crowd threader," on the

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charming lady, a secessionist, spat on an officer of the Twelfth Illinois Cavalry. The provost

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if these precautions are taken colds may be prevented during the

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threatened. In all the cases thus far it will be seen that, if anything,

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is gently heated on the water-bath until the salts are dissolved. After cooling, 500 cc.