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Formerly, the weight of the brain was held to determine the relative

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In reviewing the above-mentioned facts it seems to the writer

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of America respectively), eleven were most fatal in one or other

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and the mind, and rest them on the silent and clear

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Braithwaite. M. D. Vol. LIII. January — June, lb66.

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When the cholera came to Aberdeen in 1832, Mr Campbell,

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and in the copious drinking of cool water in which egg-albumen has been dis-

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conditions, peculiarities, idiosyncrasies, and perversities.

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Fevers, Treatment of, without Food, Antipyretics, or Alcohol, 312

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when the paralysis has already existed for years, and wlien the recollection

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the years 1889-96 in the Santo Spirito Hospital at Kome :

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ous affections in which sunlight plays a certain role as a causative agent.

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26 Folin, O., Laws Governing the Chemical Composition of Urine, Amer.

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joint has been hit hard — stiffness remains, which is due

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recovered without special treatment ; he said he had never had a death

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consideration the difference between the large, well-

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Information has been obtained regarding the movements of

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nected with a long tube, which projects from the lips like a

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Anatomical Characters In typical cases the liver is much diminished

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TABLE 4. — Glucose Formation from Protein Food; Comparative Table

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or the lancet, the benefit or injury will depend on the quantity withdrawn

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tinguished friend. Dr. Marshall Hall, to favour the Society with his valuable

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neck, chest, and sacrum. The erythema was followed by the appear-

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commence again within a few days or a week. It is better to do

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rhage and increasing or recurring shock incident to hemorrhage.

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steadily gained ground, and was dismissed on 1st May, declaring

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length to his duties in connection with the Medical Council, at the

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enlargement in the left side of the scrotum, and a l-to-20

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In our first examination four bodies were looked for, namely, specific

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of pressure by A'entricular effusion. After Ipng in a stupor for two or three

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infected infants, may be mistaken for pemr^higus neonatorum, but

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Compt. rend. Soc. de liiol., Ptir., 1884, 8. s., i 69-80.—

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only when the contraction of the muscle is very marked does any

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remarkable fact that the somewhat hasty description of the sjmptoma-