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cal objections to the treatment; these should lead the physician to
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typhus that the rose-spots fail to become petechial {vide infra). The
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from the indigestion of the nitrogenous foods. This juice,
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less constantly. In places only rarely frequented by consumptives the
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If the abdominal and general symptoms are such as to excite suspicion
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other active roechanico-hydriatric procedure, it will refresh the ner-
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the chest and back, neck, scalp, and face (on the latter quite sparingly),
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immensely increased. There being no regulating influence at the pe-
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though more frequently there is a 'premonitory period, during which
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vigor and less rapidity, the eye brightens, the color returns to the lips,
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douche is reduced daily one degree, until 80° is reached. In these
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hyperpyrexia ceased to affright the practitioner, and he learned to
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examining by the microscope many of the pathogenic germs.
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cated or unaccompanied by serious organic changes are more
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houses, there were 541 cases of tuberculosis in three years.
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is securely installed within. The heat is supplied by steam coil radi-
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(4) Previous Attacks. — Of 450 cases, there had been previous attacks
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from alcohol poisoning. I have always been taught to believe
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and Marx have proved the existence in the blood-serum of human beings
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bus. The duration is from seven to ten days, subject to relapses.
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method is susceptible of a more logical rationale than is any other
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and orange and other juices. I think the devil is the author
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above. A sudden elevation of temperature, however, is seen in those
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existed, the stay in a suitable climate should not be less than two full
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Type of Operation. — Improvement in our own results has
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of the wine goes to the lower side, the bottles having been
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In pyemia and in suppurative processes generally — conditions sometimes
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tain of a clipper-ship just starting on a long voyage, and we
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aged thirty-five years, a patient of Dr. Simpson, residing at Hotel Majestic, had
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forms the lesions are mainly confined to the large intestine, though the
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per cent., salts i per cent. ; total, 100. The Bulletin of the
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usually from two to three or four days. It may rarely, however, be
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any treatment by medicine in stimulating the nerve centres, in restor-