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the plan to cases of long standing, is well known in Merritt's case.
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The union of these forms a compound not to be found in the meat
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gle instance, exhibit the regular diurnal ebb of the heart's action
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with it, than with any other school in the United States, whatever
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this change, we have, among other examples, the peculiar green
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Mr. Gr.'s state is, now, that of apparently robust health; his
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paroxysms were renewed. The vapour of chloroform was then
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hol ? It seems not. " The two hours immediately succeeding the
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gases, and prevents the absorption of some of the products of
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the French, £20; sundry places abroad, £18 10s ; England, £196 (inclu-
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claiming ;t Priority in the Discovery and naming of the Excito-Secre-
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rynx and soft palate close the communication of the fauces with the
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the surgeon in his treatment of tumors. The clinical aspect and
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This defeat was exceedingly annoying to me, yet I did not see
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the indications for early operation which would have been out
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vaginal discharges, whether acute, or chronic, or simple, or even
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10 grs. of Dover's powder, slept well through the night.
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veins of the neck are compressed ; the capillary system of the neck,
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hand, it may be firmly impacted, either in its first situation, or in some
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We are happy to lay before our readers in the present No. the first of a
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climacteric year, the body undergoes an entire renovation, and
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struggle is superadded, or there is simple suspension of respiration ;
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38. "Epiplocele, Report of a Case." J. W. Griggs, West Point, Ga.
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of mastication. Mastication and the accompanying secretion
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in Steevens 1 Hospital, under the care of Dr. Croker, in August
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ward, attacked the part, and assumed the erratic form. It appear-
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manner altogether analogous (but by no means identical)
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The President then stated that it was customary to take a recess of
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ther over, nor underdone ; it should be exactly done.
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nipulations must have been singularly defective. How a change
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the world with numerous fractures of the bones of the limbs, caused by the
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animal life, and some parts of it longer than others, which can
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but nutrition. Contraction (and therefore motion) is but an
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as a pauper to the Alms House and thence to the Hospital. After
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the cells are of large size, and the endochrome is constantly nu-
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of the blame of the fractured cervix. The accident took place
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silver and anti-fermentative drugs. Among the latter may be
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my method is found to succeed most satisfactorily. — [Dublin
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After the transaction of some other unimportant business, the Society
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make forcible pressure upon it — a method in nowise calculated to