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cotton wool the moistened strips of mill-board dry very quickly,
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overflow from an over-distended bladder ; expose hia
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ject, the process for desiccating bkxxl and the select-
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of the disease, and in a certain number it will modify
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it may happen that in three or four days the patient will appear quite
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Imperforation of the Rectum. By George Ben. Johnston,
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■ '"'n !'!-t >i 1 n in the line- direi tl) .itter injur\ , Imik* fre*h. hut ver\ -non
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by incision and to trephine the skull in order to readjust any de-
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pendent affection with a definite cause and definite natural history, but
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dnetive phase begins, the quinine is inetl'ectnal in its action."
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jointly, each should be paid for his services in proportion to the means
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malady rather than a functional one, notwithstanding the
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ite aims, and watched for results and measured the methods
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ciation of spaces lined with columnar epithelium groups
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proof that urea is transformed into that salt ; and Eichardson agrees with
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more rigid aseptic methods, has shown such low mor-
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symptoms of cancerous disease — viz., continuous pains in the
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in those who are also alcohoUc, and with marked tremor the resemblance
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are divided ; and to the consideration of these, in a brief way, I next
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stated that sex, age, a peculiar composition of the blood, and
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the third stage, /. ^. , under haste to express the placenta or premature
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more splendid and valuable, while the dross has been constantly
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saved a trip to Birmingham. And this is only part of the
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were seen issuing therefrom; a stitch and compress stopped it. There
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typhoid fever and the methods of its application. Am.
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fresh thin lemon-peel 2 oz., brandy \ pint; macerate for 10
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of vicious circle in which the contents of the stomach
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shortness of breath, imply an additional amount of danger. The symp-
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£czema of the legs (salt rheum) really depends almost exclusively
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^%vithin the tunica adventitia of the bloodvessels. One point
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The recorded cases in man of injury and disease strictly confined to
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In a cyst from which the flagellate is about to be liberated the wall is
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is the case with the more durable and easily examined bones
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arterial obliteration, and forestall a probable gangrene consequent
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Dr. P. C. Little read a paper entitled "Experience of Cholera
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engorged over a large portion of its surface. The case was one of ex-
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