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jewritten, and the whole work revised in accordance
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many cases. I therefore take up the question once more, so
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(1876-7), 1881,600-625, 2 pi.— Williams (L. L.) A case of
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Some Notes on the Introduction and Spread of Plague. —
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Maclaren, p. H., M.D., to be Assistant-Surgeon Edinburgh County
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exposed. All of the remaining involucrum seemed in-
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slightly above the normal. He had had, five years before, a violent attack of pneumonia,
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sensitive to any disturbance in the circulation of the
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were all the fibres which serve as conductors of volun-
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usually spolcen of as irritable persons, it is highly oppressive.
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they became satisfied at their improved condition, and were willing to
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the reaction in acetone in the presence of ammonium thiocyanate in large excess.
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Locally apply to the diseased parts astringent and antiseptic
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TFriters' Cramp, j — The exact nature of the impairment in the power
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we place the most reliance, to differentiate this fracture from simple dis-
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the effect of the disease on the action of the valve,
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if so, whether the latter emanates from the nose or from the mouth. If the
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was much enlarged, indurated, and painful. Ascites supervened. I with-
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The question whether the inflammatory disease has run its course,
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faction and consumption, or at least which check and retard the
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gorically proved the cause, without which no tubercle 'j is
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'Small cater," eating without appaiie, cats, relatively s;;edkinj;, more execs'
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Samoa.^ — Lesions of skin of lower extremities in bare-
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marsh mallow, nor of any English kind of the Malva nor
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subiodide, calcium phosphate, and coloring in a bland
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.At the close of this paper. Dr. Henry B. Horlbeck,
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2. Chancres of the meatus are chiefly remarkable for their irritability, in con-
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century ago, was considered absolutely essential to suc-
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constituents of healthy urine — of those which are, so to speak, perverted
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sequela. Urticaria and the ordinary form of erysipelas often appear
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Taking a brisk walk or exercising in other ways helps some
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sometimes they rise to the sitting posture, or are even thrown
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columns indicate daily fat output in the urine. Dots joined by line indicate daily
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gan, but they differed somewhat from the usual appearance. By care-
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spectrum of carbon. Neither the extreme ultra-violet nor
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was given intravenously, and the patient was put on 4 c.c. of tincture of digitalis
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‘Data from "acute." "rapidly progressive," and "chronic
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in scrofulous and cutaneous diseases. Perhaps in the form
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cataract, which had produced irido-cyclitis, now gone so far that the
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1729, it prevailed in the summer, and there died only about 15."
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practitioners was 2,250, it had risen to 2,545 in 1889,
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