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ments which had been freed from mosquitoes and screened, and allowed

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paring the local lesions due to the diphtheria toxin with those occurring in

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of the normal. This statement applies especially to persons

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speedy subsidence of all symptoms and ultimate recovery would seem to

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three cases which have come imder my personal observation,

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man and Dechambre found 21 latent pneumonias among 49 cases in old peo«

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closely-set elevations, from pin-point to half a millimeter in diameter, with

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The Operation of Intuhaiion. — The patient's arms are placed at his side

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a constant effort made to keep the area as clean as possible. As a rule dry

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and it has been said that the modem use of coal-tar products

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phenomenon, known since the early days of vaccination, has never been

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sumably we all hold similar views as to what they are, and on

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evening, said to be common in patients who work during the night and

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XXII., 233) enables us to determine this. Arranging the

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way gave the cholera vibrio an opportunity for multiplying. With the hypo-

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are as yet only in their beginning. It has been found that the extract of

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nutrition, and as it is a proteid sparer, it may keep the liver cells from attack-

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President, Secretary, and Treasurer and three other

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large mononuclear basophilic cells. The tubules in the foci are unaltered.

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cattle. It may be used with almost entire certainty for this

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these methods but a portion of the sediment which might be

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When a nomination is received at the home office, the

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number of cases is about 7 per cent. It occurred in 118 cases of this series

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various New York offices, and we are looking forward to a

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injury and the onset is very brief. Thus, in one of Musser's cases, the period

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of having had it, I find one company stating that they defin-

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If the patient bears sponging well, and if the temperature is reduced two

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that during 1903 he has acted on the belief that the infection is in the respir-

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likely to occur at an earlier stage. Observation for a few days should prevent