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I am of the opinion that a permanent hyperesthesia of

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FOREWORD: These papers were presented at the Third Annual Scientific Session of

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alveoli. This alveolar arrangement has given rise to the opinion that the

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ency to degeneration of the cerebello-spinal system — the degeneration

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great difficulty that vomition is effected, because then we are

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Par., 1891, ii, 712-734.— Bull (C. S.) On the removal of

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Under the influence of pilocarpine general sweating ensued, most

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never neglect to ask whether the legs and scrotum, or the abdomen, be-

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untary and in\oluntary, renders it most efficacious in

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in the patellae. The skin sometimes shows slight pigmentation; the hair is

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In this patient I believe the change to have been a limited

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ited affection, the lymphatic glands not being involv-

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and weak : radial arteries tortuous and very much beaded.

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one which it is hard to believe, although we are all aware of the wide

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could satisfy myself that it either shortened the progress of the disease,

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hausted by the copious discharge of blood that had taken placa

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hernise. " I passed a straight blunt-pointed bistoury along the

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scrotum, Poucet 2 discovered plates of cholesterine, needles of tyrosine,

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affecting principally the foot, occasionally the hand,

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received. I think we all feel this way. We come here to be

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evidence of dead atoms iii the system is their extension from

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again detected; but the aneurism remained much smaller and harder than

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important results — to determine what are the prevalent forms or

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by employing men only so long as they are at their best; when

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lege of Surgeons), and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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coast, including that bordering the southern part of New

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2. From cancer of the pylorus the diagnosis is very difficult,

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consultation in some cases where this same condition

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John R. Sttjyvesant, Esq., of New York, was recently " victimized" in the sum of

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children with firm muscles and slender forms are scarcely ever attacked

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Legitimate Pliarmaoy, by Dr. William F. Barclay, of Pitts-

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