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that the serum has the greatest inhibitory effect shortly after the

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obtained at the time). When admitted on January 10, 1912, he gave a

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directed pressure in the case of hernia, has already been abundantly

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in such cases, the physician ought to proceed according to the best

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those which Mr. Crosse pretends to have developed by the action of the

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prove by actual demonstration that the two great objections which have been

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We are here dealing with a gastric ulcer situated at the lesser curvature

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brought together immediately after the reception of the injury, and reunion by the first

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effusion. Almost all the instances of disease which I have given occur with a

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termed petechias, puerpera, and ecchymosis. When the blood is collected in mi-

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the other hand, for the females the mode in the cardiac, the uremic,

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the lung to the thorax, particularly to the left side and back and

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perceptible change has occurred in the organization of the latter: with

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few hours; the vomiting ceased, and the patient was restored to health in a few

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ration of excision, he stated that anchylosis could not be induced unless the

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In two experiments an attempt has been made to bring about

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free from pulmonary lesions, but later study developed the finding"

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in. The paralyses of hemorrhagic encephalitis may increase in

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February 11, 1913. 1 c.c. of horse serum intravenously, very severe

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there were only two of this description in which I was fortunate enough to ob-

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and resistances is in no shape to meet and solve external problems.

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days from the onset of the disease, regardless of the severity of

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maintained. It appears then that heat and moisture, however essential, re-

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not only by automatic writing but to conscious memory, although

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became impaired by gout and rheumatism, and near the termination of this

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of the right foot. The pain was worse in damp weather. This condition

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The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, for April, 1841. [In exchange.]

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ed; on msurance on lives and medical evidence. The work, as now presented to

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12 per cent. The patient was placed at the beginning upon 7 minims

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lymphatics. Doubtless rapid establishment of collateral flow

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various substances, an inhibition of growth was observed, the tumor

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munizing doses to about 105,000 persons. Two deaths followed the

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hundred and forty-four observations in which the operation of litho-

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in their action. Great pressure, or a heavy body moving slowly upon this

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paralysis is too limited to give definite results. One patient with

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Abscess of the Liver following Typhoid Fever. By Robert B. Preble,

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in its removal, we can scarcely deny that the disease is an inflamma-